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Speed up windows: get extra performance stopping specific services temporarily with this script

[This post and the blog have been moved to: http://www.carloshelder.es/blog/speed-up-windows-get-extra-performance-stopping-specific-services-temporarily-with-this-script/]

If you need extra performace, you can stop some services TEMPORARY thanks to the MS-DOS command NET. Later, you can enable them again with a simple double click.

I upload my example scripts and NET program in my personal page:   http://estiloasertivo.16mb.com/Scripts_for_stop_services_temporary_in_Windows 

It is quite ease to create your own script:
- Firstly you can get the name of the running services into servicios.txt writting: 
net start > servicios.txt 

- Secondly: you stop one of all the services that you wish with net stop:
net stop "Temas"

- Finally, you can enable the service with net start:
net start "Temas"

My script is just an example. The next step would be to create different scripts like: minimal_services.bat, HD_movie.bat... Please, if you do it share the link! ;)

I only tested it in my Windows XP, so it would be nice to know if it is working in other Windows also.

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  1. During my research, I also found the software minimem. It keep low the RAM usage of selected program/services: http://main.kerkia.com/tools/minimem/download.aspx

    1. ... But I dislike it. It slow down the computer meanwhile reduce the RAM usage!